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Forskare vid Karolinska Institutet publicerar ungefär 4 700 vetenskapliga artiklar med originalresultat om året. Här listas aktuella publikationer i högt rankade vetenskapliga tidskrifter (impaktfaktor 15 och uppåt) där KI-forskare medverkar.

Endoglin controls blood vessel diameter through endothelial cell shape changes in response to haemodynamic cues
Sugden WW, Meissner R, Aegerter-Wilmsen T, Tsaryk R, Leonard EV, Bussmann J, Hamm MJ, Herzog W, Jin Y, Jakobsson L, Denz C, Siekmann AF
Nature Cell Biology (2017) Online 22 May. Article.

Endoglin prevents vascular malformation by regulating flow-induced cell migration and specification through VEGFR2 signalling
Jin Y, Muhl L, Burmakin M, Wang Y, Duchez A-C, Betsholtz C, Arthur HM, Jakobsson L
Nature Cell Biology (2017) Online 22 May. Article.
På KI Nyheter: Nya rön kring hur blodkärl bildas och missbildas

Preterm birth and risk of Heart Failure Up to Early Adulthood
Carr H, Cnattingius S, Granath F, Ludvigsson JF, Edstedt Bonamy A-K
JACC (2017) Online 22 May. Article.
På KI Nyheter: För tidig födsel kopplad till ökad risk för hjärtsvikt

Genome-wide association meta-analysis of 78,308 individuals identifies new loci and genes influencing human intelligence
Sniekers S, Stringer S, Watanabe K et al.
Nature Genetics (2017) Online 22 May. Letter.

Particulate Array of Well-Ordered HIV Clade C Env Trimers Elicits Neutralizing Antibodies that Display a Unique V2 Cap Approach
Martinez-Murillo P, Tran K, Guenaga J, Lindgren G, Àdori M, Feng Y, Phad GE, Vázquez Bernat N, Bale S, Ingale J, Dubrovskaya V, O’Dell S, Pramanik L, Spångberg M, Corcoran M, Loré K, Mascola JR, Wyatt RT, Karlsson Hedestam GB
Immunity (2017). Online 16 May. Article.

Single-cell transcriptomics uncovers distinct molecular signatures of stem cells in chronic myeloid leukemia
Giustacchini A, Thongjuea S, Barkas N et al.
Nature Medicine (2017) Online 15 May. Article.

Local amplifiers of IL-4Rα–mediated macrophage activation promote repair in lung and liver
Minutti CM, Jackson-Jones LH, García-Fojeda B, Knipper JA, Sutherland TE, Logan N, Rinqvist E, Guillamat-Prats R, Ferenbach DA, Artigas A, Stamme C, Chroneos ZC, Zaiss DM, Casals C, Allen JE
Science (2017) Online 11 May. Report.

A subcellular map of the human proteome
Thul PJ, Åkesson L, Wiking M
Science (2017) Online 11 May. Research Article.

A Wnt-producing niche drives proliferative potential and progression in lung adenocarcinoma
Tammela T, Sanchez-Rivera FJ, Cetinbas NM et al.
Nature (2017) Online 10 May. Letter.

Phenome-wide scanning identifies multiple diseases and disease severity phenotypes associated with HLA variants
Karnes JH, Bastarache L, Shaffer CM et al.
Science Translational Medicine (2017) Online 10 May. Research Article.

Impact of cytosine methylation on DNA binding specificities of human transcription factors
Yin Y, Morgunova E, Jolma A, Kaasinen E, Sahu B, Khund-Sayeed S, Das PK, Kivioja T, Dave K, Zhong F, Nitta KR, Taipale M, Popov A, Ginno PA, Domcke S, Yan J, Schübeler D, Vinson C, Taipale J
Science (2017) Online 5 May. Research Article.
På KI Nyheter: Stor kartläggning avslöjar hur epigenetiska förändringar i DNA tolkas

The limits of exercise physiology: From performance to health
Gabriel BM, Zierath JR
Cell Metabolism (2017) Online 2 May. Perspective.

Sickness Absence and Disability Pension After Breast Cancer Diagnosis: A 5-Year Nationwide Cohort Study
Kvillemo P, Mittendorfer-Rutz E, Bränström R, Nilsson K, Alexanderson K
JCO (2017) Online 1 May. Original Reports.

In vivo genome editing and organoid transplantation models of colorectal cancer and metastasis
Roper J, Tammela T, Malli N et al.
Nature Biotechnology (2017) Online 1 May. Research Letter.

Global kidney health 2017 and beyond: a roadmap for closing gaps in care, research, and policy
Levin A, Tonello M, Bonventre J et al.
The Lancet (2017) Online 20 April. Review.

Associations of Maternal Antidepressant Use During the First Trimester of Pregnancy With Preterm Birth, Small for Gestational Age, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Offspring
Sujan AC,  Rickert ME, Öberg AS,  Quinn PD, Hernández-Díaz S,  Almqvist C Lichtenstein P, Larsson H, D’Onofrio BM
JAMA (2017) Online 18 April. Original Investigation.
På KI Nyheter: Antidepressiv medicin under graviditet säkrare än förväntat

Cell-Cycle-Targeting MicroRNAs as Therapeutic Tools against Refractory Cancers
Hydbring P, Wang Y, Fassl A et al.
Cancer Cell (2017) Online 10 April. Article.

Induction of functional dopamine neurons from human astrocytes in vitro and mouse astrocytes in a Parkinson’s disease model
Rivetti di Val Cervo P, Romanov RA, Spigolon G, Masini D, Martín-Montañez E, Toledo EM, La Manno G, Feyder M, Pifl C, Ng Y-H, Padrell Sánchez S, Linnarsson S, Wernig M, Harkany T, Fisone G, Arenas E
Nature Biotechnology (2017) Online 10 April. Article.
På KI Nyheter: Omvandling av hjärnceller nytt hopp för parkinsonpatienter

The neuron-specific transcription factor Myt1l represses many non-neuronal fates
Mall M, Kareta MS, Chanda S et al.
Nature (2017) Online 5 April. Letter.

The Enigma of the Respiratory Chain Supercomplex
Milenkovic D, Blaza JN, Larsson N-G, Hirst J
Cell Metabolism (2017) Online 4 April. Perspective.

Quadrivalent HPV Vaccination and the Risk of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes
Scheller NM, Pasternak B, Mølgaard-Nielsen D, Svanström H, Hviid H
NEJM (2017) Online 30 March. Original Article.

Can lifestyle changes prevent cognitive impairment? 
Kivipelto M, Mangialasche F, Ngandu T
Lancet Neurology (2017) Online 27 March. Comment. 

Comprehensive Cell Surface Protein Profiling Identifies Specific Markers of Human Naive and Primed Pluripotent States
Collier AJ, Panula SP, Schell JP, Chovanec P,  Plaza Reyes A, Petropoulos S,  Corcoran AE, Walker R, Douagi I, Lanner F, Rugg-Gunn PJ
Cell Stem Cell (2017) Online 23 March. Article.
På KI Nyheter: Nytt verktyg identifierar ursprungsceller i embryot

Estimating the Risks of Breast Cancer Radiotherapy: Evidence from Modern Radiation Doses to the Lungs and Heart and From Previous Randomized Trials
Taylor C, Correa C, Duane FK, Aznar MC, Anderson SJ, Bergh J, Dodwell D, Ewertz M, Gray R, Jagsi R, Pierce L, Pritchard KI, Swain S, Wang Z, Wang Y, Whelan T, Peto R, McGale P, for the Early Breast Cancer Trialists Collaborative Group.
JCO (2017) Online 20 March. Original Report.

Reversion of antibiotic resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis by spiroisoxazoline SMARt-420
Blondiaux N, Moune M, Desroses M, et al.
Science (2017) Online 17 March. Report.

Association Between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Risk of Ischemic and Nonischemic Heart Failure
Mantel Ä, Holmqvist M, Andersson DC, Lund LH, Askling J
JACC (2017) Online 14 March. Article.

Neutrophils as protagonists and targets in chronic inflammation
Soehnlein O, Steffens S, Hidalgo A, Weber C
Nature Reviews Immunology (2017) Online 13 March. Review.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Risk of Favorable and Aggressive Prostate Cancer
Loeb S, Folkvaljon Y, Damber J-E. Alukal J, Lambe M, Stattin P
JCO (2017) Online 13 March. Original Report

Herbal Medications in Cardiovascular Medicine
Liperoti R, Vetrano DL, Bernabei R, Onder G.
JACC (2017) Online 7 March. The Present and Future.

Association between maternal body mass index in early pregnancy and incidence of cerebral palsy
Villamor E, Tedroff K, Peterson M, Johansson S, Neovius M, Petersson G, Cnattingius S
JAMA (2017) online 7 March. Original Investigation.
På KI Nyheter: Fetma hos modern kopplad till ökad risk för CP hos barnet

Weight Loss and Heart Failure: A Nationwide Study of Gastric Bypass Surgery Versus Intensive Lifestyle Treatment
Sundström J, Bruze G, Ottosson J, Marcus C, Näslund I, Neovius M.
Circulation (2017) Online 3 March. Original Research Article.

Busulfan and melphalan versus carboplatin, etoposide, and melphalan as high-dose chemotherapy treatment for high-risk neuroblastoma (HR-NBL1/SIOPEN): an international, randomised, multi-arm, open-label, phase 3 trial
Ladenstein R, Pötschger U, Pearson ADJ, Brock P, Luksch R, Castel V, Yaniv I, Papadakis V, Laureys G, Malis J, Balwierz W, Ruud E, Kogner P, Schroeder H, Forjaz de Lacerda A, Beck-Popovic M, Bician P, Garami M, Trahair T, Canete A, Ambros PF, Holmes K, Gaze M, Schreier G, Garaventa A, Vassal G, Michon J, Valteau-Couanet D, for the SIOP Europe Neuroblastoma Group (SIOPEN).
The Lancet Oncology (2017) Online 1 March. Article.
På KI Nyheter: Ökad överlevnad med ny behandling mot aggressiv barncancerform

An atlas of human long non-coding RNAs with accurate 5' ends
Hon C-C, Ramilowski JA, Harshbarger J et al.
Nature (2017) Online 1 March. Article.

Neuraminidase inhibitors during pregnancy and risk of adverse neonatal outcomes and congenital malformations: population based European register study
Graner S, Svensson T, Beau A, Damsel-Michel C, Engeland A, Furu K, Hviid A, Eldevik Håberg S, Molgaard-Nielsen D, Pasternak B, Kieler H.
BMJ (2017) Online 28 February. Research.
På KI Nyheter: Läkemedel mot influensa säkra under graviditet

Long-term incidence of microvascular disease after bariatric surgery or usual care in patients with obesity, stratified by baseline glycaemic status: a post-hoc analysis of participants from the Swedish Obese Subjects study
Carlsson LM, Sjöholm K, Karlsson C, Jacobson P, Andersson-Assarsson JC, Svensson PA, Larsson I, Hjorth S, Neovius M, Taube M, Carlsson B, Peltonen M.
Lancet Diabetes Endocrinology (2017) 22 February. Article.

Vitamin D supplementation to prevent acute respiratory tract infections: systematic review and meta-analysis of individual participant data
Martineau AR, Jolliffe DA, Hooper RL et al.
BMJ (2017) Online 15 February. Research.
På KI Nyheter: D-vitamin ger skydd mot luftvägsinfektioner

CD49a expression defines tissue-resident CD8+ T cells poised for cytotoxic function in human skin
Cheuk S, Schlums H, Sérézal IG, Martini E, Chiang SC, Marquardt N, Gibbs A, Detlofsson E, Introini A, Forkel M, Höög C, Tjernlund A, Michaëlsson J, Folkersen L, Mjösberg J, Blomqvist L, Ehrström M, Ståhle M, Bryceson YT, Eidsmo L
Immunity (2017) Online 14 February 2017. Article.
På KI Nyheter: Dödarimmuncell i frisk och sjuk hud – pusselbit för vitiligo

Targeted sequencing identifies 91 neurodevelopmental disorder risk genes with autism and developmental disability biases
Stessman HAF, Xiong B, Coe BP et al.
Nature Genetics (2017) Online 13 February. Article.

Optimal fractionation of preoperative radiotherapy and timing to surgery for rectal cancer (Stockholm III): a multicentre, randomised, non-blinded, phase 3, non-inferiority trial
Erlandsson J, Holm T, Pettersson D, Berglund Å, Cedermark B, Radu C, Johansson H, Machado M, Hjern F, Hallböök O, Syk I, Glimelius B, Martling A
The Lancet Oncology (2017) Online 9 February. Article.
På KI Nyheter: Ny metod minskar biverkningar efter kirurgi för ändtarmscancer

Reducing VEGF-B Signaling Ameliorates Renal Lipotoxicity and Protects against Diabetic Kidney Disease
Falkevall A, Mehlem A, Palmobo I, Heller Sahlgren B, Ebarasi L, He L, Ytterberg J, Olausson H, Axelsson J, Sundelin B, Patrakka J, Scoteny P, Nash A, Eriksson U
Cell Metabolism (2017) Online 9 February. Article.
På KI Nyheter: Svår njursjukdom kan bromsas

Platelet-localized FXI promotes a vascular coagulation-inflammatory circuit in arterial hypertension
Kossmann S, Lagrange J, Jäckel S, Jurk K, Moritz Ehlken M, Schönfelder T, Weihert Y, Knorr M, Brandt M, Xia N, Li H, Daiber A,Oelze M, Reinhardt C, Lackner K, Gruber A, Monia B, Karbach SH, Walter U, Ruggeri ZM, Renné T, Ruf W, Münzel T, Wenzel P
Science Translational Medicine (2017) Online 1 February. Research Article.

Pathologically expanded peripheral T helper cell subset drives B cells in rheumatoid arthritis
Rao DA, Gurish MF, Marshall JL et al.
Nature (2017) Online 1 February. Letter.

Genome-wide association analysis identifies novel blood pressure loci and offers biological insights into cardiovascular risk
Warren HR, Evangelou E, Cabrera CP et al
Nature Genetics (2017) Online 30 January. Article.

Integration of recent evidence into management of patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes
Standl E, Schnell O, McGuire DK, Ceriello A, Rydén L
The Lancet Diabetes & Endorinology (2017) Online 25 January. Review.

Comparison of adjuvant gemcitabine and capecitabine with gemcitabine monotherapy in patients with resected pancreatic cancer (ESPAC-4): a multicentre, open-label, randomised, phase 3 trial
Neoptolemos JP, Pamer DH, Ghaneh P et al.
The Lancet (2017) Online 24 January. Article.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring vs Conventional Therapy for Glycemic Control in Adults With Type 1 Diabetes Treated With Multiple Daily Insulin Injections –The GOLD Randomized Clinical Trial
Lind M, Polonsky W, Hirsch IB, Heise T, Bolinder J, Dahlqvist S, Schwarz E, Ólafsdóttir AF, Frid A, Wedel H, Ahlén E, Nyström T,  Hellman J
JAMA (2017) online 24 January. Original Investigation.

Effectiveness of flexible sigmoidoscopy screening in men and women and different age groups: pooled analysis of randomised trials
Holme Ø , Schoen RE, Senore C, Segnan N, Hoff G, Løberg M, Bretthauer M, Adami H-O, Kalager M
BMJ (2017) Online 13 January. Research.

Targeting SAMHD1 with the Vpx protein to improve cytarabine therapy for hematological malignancies
Herold N, Rudd SG, Ljungblad L, Sanjiv K, Hed Myrberg I, Paulin CBJ, Heshmati Y, Hagenkort A, Kutzner J, Page BDG, Calderón-Montano JM, Loseva O, Jemth A-S, Bulli L, Axelsson H, Tesi B, Valerie NCK, Höglund A, Bladh J, Wiita E, Sundin M, Uhlin M, Rassidakis G, Heyman M, Pokrovskaja Tamm K, Warpman-Berglund U, Walfridsson J, Lehmann S, Grandér D, Lundbäck T, Kogner P, Henter J-I, Helleday T, Torsten Schaller
Nature Medicine (2017) Online 9 January. Letter.
På KI Nyheter: Protein som hämmar och minskar effekt av cellgiftsbehandling identifierat

Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in adolescents with severe obesity (AMOS): a prospective, 5-year, Swedish nationwide study
Olbers T, Beamish AJ, Gronowitz E et al.
The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology (2017). Online 5 January. Article.
På KI Nyheter: Sammantaget goda långtidsresultat av fetmakirurgi på unga

Length of Storage of Red Blood Cells and Patient Survival After Blood Transfusion: A Binational Cohort Study
Halmin M, Rostgaard K, Lee BK, Wikman A, Norda R, Nielsen KR, Pedersen OB, Holmqvist J, Hjalgrim H, Edgren G
Annals of Internal Medicine (2016) Online 20 December. Original Research.
På KI Nyheter: Lagrat blod är säkert blod

Molecular interrogation of hypothalamic organization reveals distinct dopamine neuronal subtypes
Romanov RA, Zeisel A, Bakker J, Girach F, Hellysaz A, Tomer R, Alpár A, Mulder J, Clotman F, Keimpema E, Hsueh B, Crow AK, Martens H, Schwindling , Calvigioni D, Bains JS, Máté Z, Szabó G, Yanagawa Y, Zhang M-D, Rendeiro A, Farlik M, Uhlén M, Wulff P, Bock C, Broberger C, Deisseroth K, Hökfelt T, Linnarsson S, Horvath TL, Harkany T
Nature Neuroscience (2016) Online 19 December. Article.

Gotta catch’em all! Pokémon GO and physical activity among young adults: difference in differences study
Howe KB, Suharlim C, Ueda P, Howe D, Kawachi I, Rimm EB
BMJ (2016) Online 13 December. Research, Christmas 2016.
På KI Nyheter: Pokemon Go gav bara en måttlig och kortvarig ökning av fysisk aktivitet

The immunopathogenesis of seropositive rheumatoid arthritis: from triggering to targeting
Malmström V, Catrina AI, Klareskog L
Nature Reviews Immunology (2016) Online 5 December. Review.

Human immune system variation
Brodin P, Davis MM
Nature Reviews Immunology (2016) Online 5 December. Review.

Development and validation of risk prediction model for venous thromboembolism in postpartum women: multinational cohort study
Sultan AA, West J, Grainge MJ, Riley RD, Tata LJ, Stephansson O, Fleming KM, Nelson-Pierc C, Ludvigsson JF
BMJ (2016) Online 5 December. Research

Artemisinins Target GABAA Receptor Signaling and Impair α Cell Identity
Li J, Casteels T, Frogne T et al.
Cell (2016) Online 1 December. Article.